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The brand “BABY FIRST” is a synonym of high quality, safe and healthy baby skin care products which carry the mark of quality safety assurances from FDA and other authentic agencies. Baby First has been created by HealthFitz Energy Product Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000:2005 certified and HACCP accredited Company. The name ‘HealthFitz Energy’ signifies culmination of Health, Fitness and Energy. HelathFitz aims at creating strength of tomorrow’s mankind through caring about health and safety of today’s babies. In sync with its name, HealthFitz has developed a wide range of high quality, safe and unique baby care products under their brand “BABY FIRST”.

HealthFitz's core objective is to improve quality of human life by encouraging use and consumption of safe and healthy products in every possible way in day to day life. Many of the sufferings most people are facing today are manmade, owing to the growing indulgence towards artificial harmful chemical based products.........

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Baby First – Baby Care  Natural Products
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    Baby First baby oil made with 100% natural and FSSAI approved ingredients.

  • 2

    Baby First baby oil - Free from any preservative and artificial chemical.

  • 3

    Baby First baby oil - antibacterial and antifungus, protects skin from several infections.

  • 4

    Baby First Baby soap, baby powder, baby lotion, baby cream are FDA approved.

  • 5

    Rich in Vitamin E for healthy skin.

  • 6

    Baby Soap Contains only vegetable oil, no animal fat used in any product.

  • 7

    Baby powder is enriched with all good properties of aloevera

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