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The brand “BABY FIRST” is a synonym of high quality, safe and healthy baby skin care products which carry the mark of quality and safety assurances from FDA and other authentic agencies. Baby First has been created by HealthFitz Energy Product Private Limited. The name ‘HealthFitz Energy’ signifies culmination of Health, Fitness and Energy. HelathFitz aims at creating strength of tomorrow’s mankind through caring about health and safety of today’s babies. In sync with its name, HealthFitz has developed a wide range of high quality, safe and unique baby care products under their brand “BABY FIRST”.

HealthFitz's core objective is to improve quality of human life by encouraging use and consumption of safe and healthy products in every possible way in day to day life. Many of the sufferings most people are facing today are manmade, owing to the growing indulgence towards artificial harmful chemical based products. The younger generation and more particularly the innocent babies and the kids are unknowingly becoming victims of such harmful chemical based products, many of which may even be carcinogenic in nature. HealthFitz believes that Nature God has gifted mankind with its beneficial creations in abundance to live a safe and healthylife.

Most of body oil and massage oil for babies that are currently available in the market are made with mineral oil or paraffin oil base, which are derived petrochemical products and are very harmful for human skin. The babies with tender skin are severely affected by use of such products. The very high level of spending on advertisements and inadequate concern on product quality assurance have become the norms of most of the large consumer products marketing companies which promote use of such chemical based products in our country. Life of common citizen of the country is being subjected to numerous miseries by such trends and the babies and kids are perhaps the worst sufferers. HealthFitz devotes more on product quality assurance and aims at winning consumer patronage through quality assurance and customer satisfaction. To make the world healthy for our babies, kids and the grown-ups as well, HealthFitz is committed to ensure that the products brought in by HealthFitz are free from harmful chemicals and animal fats.

In pursuit of its objective, HealthFitz has since launched several premium quality baby care products under its brand name “BABY FIRST”. which are free from harsh chemical sand animal fat.

HealthFitz had first introduced a natural body oil for babies made with 100% natural ingredient. BABY FIRST Baby Oil, a complete natural body oil for babies, is made with 100% natural ingredient which is healthy and soothing for tender baby skin. The oil is rich in Vitamin E from natural sources and provides necessary nutrients and vitamins to the baby skin from natural sources which are easily absorbed by the skin for long lasting care and maintenance of perfect moisture level on skin surface for glowing skin. This unique baby oil contains 50% Luaric Acid (which is otherwise available only in mothers’ milk), that improves baby’s immune system. There are numerous other benefits of the oil which have been explained in other pages. This baby oil is safe for babies even if consumed internally as it is made of FSSAI approved ingredient. No other baby oil available in the market today can match Baby First baby oil so far as its safety and benefits to babies are concerned.

HealthFitz has also launched several other premium quality baby skin care products, like Baby Soap, Baby Lotion, Baby Cream, Baby Talc etc under its brand BABY FIRST. All these products are FDA approved which are safe and caring for babies. The soap created by Baby First has 72% TFM and has been made from vegetable oil only without use of any animal fat at any point. Rich with moisturizer, the soap maintains the moisture level of baby skin while gently cleansing the skin surface. The Baby Lotion and Baby cream are enriched with Vitamin E and moisturizer to ensure healthy glowing skin.

HealthFitz has plans to launch several other safe and caring baby products shortly.

With its prime objective of making available to the common citizens of the country high quality products at affordable prices, HealthFitz is aiming at making its brand “BABY FIRST” a front runner in the baby care segment. HealthFitz believes that it should grow its business by creating and distributing products that carry immense value for its customers and make them healthy and satisfied using these products.

Baby First – Best Baby Products in India
  • Mission

    HealthFitz's global pursuit is to bring people closer to the nature aiming at qualitative advancement of human life for better living. HealthFitz dedicates itself to relieve the millions of people, including the babies and kids, from ill effects of harmful artificial chemicals by delivering innovative products made from the nature's gifts and safe ingredients to mankind that will help them live longer, healthier and happier.

  • Vision

    HealthFitz aims to become a leading player in the field of manufacturing, distribution and marketing of natural and safe products with its goal of delivering qualitative improvement in human life.

  • Behaviour

    HealthFitz implants the behaviour oriented to integrity and accountability, trust and relationship, creativity and innovation, customer satisfaction and orientation, team efforts and value creation - all aspiring as a combined force to bolster success and leadership.

  • Spirit

    HealthFitz's determination originates from the values, ethics and principles it perceives. Belongingness and active participation of employees across the Company will form the core strength of HealthFitz spirit and culture.

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