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Baby First pure cornstarch Baby Powder Enriched with Aloe Vera

Baby First Baby Powder With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

BABY FIRST BABY POWDER is FDA Approved Baby Powder which has been enriched with all goodness of Alo Vera plant extracts to maintain the vitality and smoothness of baby skin. The Alo Vera plant is known to contain several vitamins and enzymes that refresh the skin. Being anti-inflammatory, the Alo Vera extract present in the powder prevents and cures irritation and redness of the skin. The main ingredient in Baby First Baby powder is constarch which can quickly absorbs the extra moisture of skin leaving the surface smooth and shining. It also helps curing the irritation caused by prickly heats and nappy rashes. Its soft and soothing fragrance keeps the baby happy and cheerful.

Presentation : The Powder is available in 100gm size only.
MRP : Rs 45 for 100 gm.

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