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Baby First Baby Soap - Enriched with Moisturiser and Vitamin E

BABY FIRST BABY SOAP is a premium quality Baby Soap enriched with Moisturiser and Vitamin E for healthy and lustrous baby skin. Made with 100% vegetable oil, the Soap does not contain any animal fat. With 72% total fatty matter, the Soap retains the moisture level of baby’s skin while gently cleansing the skin surface with its soft and soothing foam. It has been made under FDA Approved formulation that ensures full care and safety of baby’s tender skin. The mild and soothing fragrance of the Soap keeps the baby happy for a long time after bath.

Presentation : The Soap is available in 100 gm, 50 gm and 25 gm size packs.
MRP : Rs 51 for 100 gm, Rs 44 for 50 gm

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