HealthFitz’s CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Statement of Purpose

What is the purpose of HealthFitz’s existence ?

The core purpose of HealthFitz’s existence is to add value to peoples’ lives through creation of health and quality consciousness. Mankind’s welfare is the reason for HealthFitz’s existence.

HealthFitz’s CSR Policy

HealthFitz is committed towards its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and has framed its CSR policy which is aimed at pursuing business strategy of introducing products in the market place that will ensure health and wellness of its customers. The key objects of HealthFitz’s operation will not remain confined to generation of surplus for stakeholders’ value creation but will also emphasise in reaching out to the people with the aim of minimising, if not eliminating, the effect of harmful chemicals in general health of the people. HealthFitz believes that nature god has given the mankind all ingredients required for a healthy living. But many of such gifts of nature god still remained unexplored or ignored which has created unwarranted space for several man-made chemical based food products, beverages and the so-called healthcare products impacting severely on the general health of common mass and to a very large extent the babies. HealthFitz will attempt to create the environment for encouraging mass consumption and usage of healthy products minimising the ill effects of artificial chemicals on citizen’s health; while ensuring alongside an accelerated advancement of economic conditions of the under privileged community of the country.

HealthFitz’s CSR Vision

HealthFitz’s CSR vision aims at creation of value for the nation through sustainable measures factoring blessings of nature god and active participation in social, economic and environmental development of the mass encouraging direct and indirect participation from the under privileged community at large.

HealthFitz’s CSR Mission

HealthFitz’s CSR Activities

HealthFitz will initially plan to pursue its CSR activities towards fulfilment of its CSR vision and mission in and around the areas of its business and gradually over the time shall plan to extend its boundaries to other geographies based on the needs for upliftment of the target communities. To this end, HealthFitz will join and participate with several individuals, NGOs' or development boards created by the government and other organisations to create awareness of the benefits of various natural products and to propagate wider use and consumption of natural products, thereby creating better demand and markets for the farmers’ produces and to arrange or provide quality seeds, seedlings, harmless organic fertilisers etc and also to organise suitable training and education programs for the farmers for better harvesting both in terms of quality and quantity, ensuring higher yield and return for the farmers as well availability of affordable toxic-chemical-free and harmless produces in abundance for human consumption.

HealthFitz will also work towards gradual elimination of the middlemen by creating suitable infrastructure and other support to the small producers so that they can place their produce directly in the market place for better realisation.

HealthFitz will over the period of time encourage NGOs to work towards environmental sustainability and mass plantation through plantation drives in villages and other areas, protection of flora & fauna, recycling of waste energy, usage of renewable energy and conservation of natural resources.

HealthFitz will also consider promotion of farmers’ cooperatives for agro-forestry.

HealthFitz will also encourage health care awareness in the farmers’ community through various programmes, health check-ups, provision of medicine for curing and preventing diseases.

HealthFitz’s Approach to CSR Implementation

HealthFitz will strive to implement the said CSR activities on its own to the extent possible. However, HealthFitz may also join and participate with Social Workers, NGOs' or Development Boards, Farmers’ Societies, Village Panchyats, Block Development Authorities, NGOs', social workers and other organisations and individuals for successful implantation of its CSR activities in future. HealthFitz may also seek support of other corporate entities in accomplishment of CSR initiatives.

HealthFitz Board shall oversee and monitor the CSR activities undertaken from time to time.

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