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100% Natural Baby Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil For Baby
Baby First Baby Oil is 100% natural. It is healthy virgin coconut for all your growing baby needs. This natural oil is ideal for baby massage, baby’s dry skin & scalp. FSSAI approved

Baby First Baby Oil - 100% Natural with Vitamin E

BABY FIRST BABY OIL is the Nature’s Best Gift for Baby Care - 100% Natural Baby Oil that pampers the tender Baby Skin. Made of FSSAI Approved safe, reliable and healthy virgin coconut oil which is produced by a state of the art technology ‘Total Cold Process’ in a most hygienic manner out of fresh coconut milk extracted from high quality coconuts cultivated in the Malabar Region of Kerala. Baby First Baby Oil does not contain any mineral oil, preservative, artificial fragrance, colouring agent or any chemical. This is the most ideal all season baby oil for appropriate care of baby’s tender skin. It is also a great natural moisturiser that keeps baby’s skin soft and smooth.

The oil is non-sticky and transparent like water. It glides beautifully on baby’s skin, gently conditions the skin and assists retaining moistures. The oil is quickly absorbed by baby’s skin and does not leave any uneasy greasy effect on the skin. The oil is rich in Vitamin E from natural source. It also contains 50% Lauric acid which is otherwise available only in mothers’ breast milk that improves the immune system of babies. The oil provides essential nutrients and vitamins to maintain the baby skin healthy, soft and glowing. It stimulates blood circulation and makes baby’s bones and muscle strong, even eases muscular pain.

The oil also has significant antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that protect the baby skin from many skin diseases like nappy rashes, fungal infections, eczema, acne, dermatitis etc. Daily massage with this oil stimulates baby’s blood circulation, strengthens baby’s bones and muscles and helps babies gaining higher weight and height.

Regular use as hair oil improves skull health, stops hair fall, reduces dandruff and kills lice, besides improving the health of hair from deep inside. The oil is safe even if accidentally consumed internally by babies.

BABY FIRST Baby Oil is an all season Baby Oil which can be used as a baby massage oil round the year. It can also be used as Face massage oil as well as Hai Oil for Baby’s care.

  • Best Option for Baby’s Skin Care during Summer :

    Many persons do not prefer massaging babies with oil during summer as most of the oils leave uncomfortable greasy effect on baby’s skin. The mineral oil based oils make the matter worse by clogging the pores of the skin which affects the natural detoxification process of the skin resulting in skin eruptions. But the baby skin needs the nutrition and vitamins during summer also and avoiding skin care with good quality oil may lead to undernourished dry skin which may in turn cause premature aging of the skin. Baby First baby oil being a 100% natural, non-greasy and non-sticky baby oil is fast absorbed by the baby skin and does not leave any greasy effect on the baby skin even during summer while it provides all the nutrients, vitamins and care required for the skin during summer. Besides this, Baby First baby oil also acts as a sun screen to protect the baby skin form the effects of strong sun rays during summer.
  • As a baby's Skin Care Coconut Oil during Moonsoon :

    During monsoon, baby skin becomes highly susceptible to fungal attacks. Baby First Baby Oil with its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties protects baby skin during the monsoon from fungal attacks, nappy rashes and bacterial attacks, at the same time providing all nutrients needed by the skin for a healthy skin.
  • Best Option for Baby’s Skin Care during Winter :

    During winter, Baby First Baby Oil maintains moisture level of baby skin besides caring the skin with all nutrients the skin needs for healthy glowing skin. Baby First baby oil eliminates the need of moisturiser application on baby skin during winter.
  • As a Face Massage Coconut Oil for the Baby

    • A major source of Vitamin E for smooth and healthy facial skin.
    • Protects the skin from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.
    • Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, Baby First baby oil slows down the ageing process and assures the best of life and beauty of the facial skin.
    • Prevents the chain reaction of free radicals and mars sagging and unsightly wrinkles.
  • As a Hair Oil for the Baby

    • Low viscosity. Non-sticky and non-greasy.
    • Prevents dandruff and hair loss.
    • Strengthens hair roots and nourishes hair for healthy and silky hair.
    • Creates thick and strong hair. Provides gloss to hair.
    • Good emollient on skull and hair.

Presentation : The oil is packaged in 100ml and 200 bottles.
MRP : Rs 99 for 100 ml, Rs 189 for 200 ml

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